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- Guarantee supervision and monitoring of logistics for all GVC’s projects
- Responsible for supply supervision according to the internal procedures and those of the different donors (quotations, negotiated tender, national and international tenders) and for the supervision of the ordinary local purchases
- Responsible of the logistics response of the mission in case of emergency (definition and maintain of contingency plans at log level, emergency stocks, personnel capacity, etc.…)
- Predisposition to control and to coordinate the national logistic staff under his/her responsibility.
- Monitoring through the local logistic staff the service providers for the maintenance of radios, vehicles, hardware, the planned rehabilitations, etc.
- Supervise the maintenance of GVC’s equipment investment (generator, battery, solar panels, vehicles, etc.)
- Organize and monitor the updating of inventories of goods and merchandise of the projects and of GVC
- Contribute to an effective organization of the offices and the archives both in paper and electronic (projects documents as well as documents of all activities outside the projects, such as contracts, reception fees and any other useful document)
- Monitoring through the local logistic staff of the merchandises transport (by air, sea and road)
- Management of a database of local suppliers: carrying out and maintaining a database of local suppliers, with all details on quality criteria, prices, services, ethics, etc.
- Management of expatriates transport – management of fleet, ensuring an effective and sure transport planning. Ensure that the documents of registration/insurance are updated, that the logbooks are complete and the fuel consumption is checked
- Support to projects managers for the preparation of tenders
- Frequent missions in the field for the logistics supervision of GVC’s bases
- Represent GVC with local authorities, other NGOs and UN agencies if necessary
- Participation to coordination meetings and cluster meetings if necessary
- Responsible for security of human and material resources and for the collecting of information on the situation of security and of HOM recommendations
- Support to HOM on the revision of mission security plans
- Collect and give all other information requested by HOM and all data and comments necessary for the formulation of synthetic reports
- Realize other possible tasks by HOM’s demand

Education and experience:
- Planning, organization and resolution capacities
- Experience in logistics management in emergencies
- Good knowledge of procurement procedures of different donors
- Previous experience of minimum 1 or 2 years in logistics or logistics coordination by an humanitarian organisation
- Good knowledge of procurement and management procedures
- Good knowledge of English and French, the knowledge of Italian is highly recommended
- Good knowledge of common software
- Excellent negotiation and communication skills
- Strong sense of belonging to organisation
- Willingness to motivate and support teams
- Results orientation, creativity, initiative
- Ability to work under pressure and independently, intercultural sensitivity

Closing date for CV submission: November 15th, 2010

E-mail for CV submission:

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