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Socialidarity - cambia vita e lavoro

What you'd do:
* Assist the Director in his/her management and leadership functions
* Coordinate logistics for relevant internal meetings and external events as necessary, prepare documentation for assigned meetings and monitor follow-up;
* Organize agendas, meetings and appointments for the Director and streamline requests and workload;
* Handle mail for the Director and edit enquiries and correspondence, reports and documents as required. Translate from and into French when necessary;
* Track and maintain record of unit expenses against budget, processes payments as necessary, and prepare monthly unit expenditure reports for Director;
* Maintain unit webpages, filing, archiving systems and contact database;
* Assist the CSP unit to compile the relevant information, analyses and materials for training courses and reports, and distribute those products as required;
* Assist other CSP staff in their functions of operations support, programme management and communications;
* Organize travel/accommodation for CSP Unit staff, including negotiating fares, costs, air-mile/CO² calculations and itineraries;
* Perform other duties as requested by the Director.

What you need:
Required Qualifications:
* Secretarial/ Administration diploma from a secretarial college, or equivalent;
* A minimum of five years experience as a secretary/assistant to a senior management function.

Required Skills and Competencies:
* Excellent organization skills, ability to prioritize; attention to details;
* Proactive attitude and ability to take initiative and work independently;
* Excellent team player with good networking and interpersonal skills;
* Good awareness and sensitivity of different cultures and ability to communicate cross-culturally;
* Strong oral and written communication skills in both English and French;
* Excellent computer knowledge and office software, including Excel, graphs, PowerPoint, internet, intranet, and database;
* An interest in the field of nature conservation and natural resource management;
* Adheres to WWF’s values, which are: Knowledgeable, Optimistic, Determined and Engaging.

How to apply?
Email a cover letter and CV to
Deadline for applications: 14 August 2011

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