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Gara per servizi di formazione ed educazione

Gara per servizi di formazione ed educazione



Raleigh International is seeking  Communications Officers volunteer in our permanent fieldbases in Costa Rica, Borneo, India and Tanzania. Responsibilities include overseeing internal and external communications on the expedition and visiting environmental, community and adventure projects.

Raleigh International is seeking Communications Officers to join expeditions in Costa Rica, Borneo, India and Tanzania. The role includes documenting the expedition and raising awareness of Raleigh to internal and external audiences. You’ll be visiting community, environmental and adventure project sites to gather material, working closely with the photographer and other volunteers to generate a variety of media to showcase the progress and achievements of the expedition. The role may also involve fundraising, sponsorship, event organisation and PR. Most importantly, the Communications Officer is part of the fieldbase team and therefore plays a critical role in the day-to-day running of the expedition – everything from problem-solving to sourcing kit, maintaining contact with the project teams to resupplying trekking groups.

Essential skills

Excellent writing and editing skills
First class organisational skills
Ability to work proactively and independently
Ability to work in teams, often under tight timescales with limited resources
Willingness to be flexible and put the needs of the expedition and venturers (volunteers aged 17 – 24) first
Experience in communications/marketing/PR or journalism

A typical day

There isn’t one! One day you might be writing copy for a magazine, the next organising a British Ambassador’s visit to a project site or meeting with volunteer managers and venturers to gather case studies. The next minute you might be jumping in a car to take a replacement rucksack to a trekking group, or be playing a starring role in the latest Radio Raleigh broadcast.


You’ll be part of a team of volunteer managers working from the in-country headquarters to support the expedition under the guidance of the Country Director and Country Programme Manager. Fieldbase is a lively place and a great opportunity to learn new skills: the team split their time between fieldbase and time on the road. With up to half the team out on various missions, versatility is essential: you might be required to take on extra responsibility while others are away. Likewise, you might get the chance to spend time as a project manager or join a trek for a few days. Every expedition is different but the fieldbase team should be ready to get stuck in and put the needs of the expedition first.

Core responsibilities

Participate in a three-week Volunteer Manager induction programme
Develop and deliver a three-month communications plan
Understand and provide communications support for the fieldbase crisis management plan
Play an active role in expedition support as part of the fieldbase team
Design, develop and maintain the expedition blog
Write regular expedition updates and insights into the projects
Manage incoming messages posted on the blog from friends and family
Work alongside the photographer to obtain appropriate images for communications materials and head office marketing
Collect case studies on venturers and volunteer managers for head office
Inform head office of planned media coverage in the UK initiated by venturers and volunteer managers
Publish an end of expedition magazine
Produce the expedition Summary of Achievements document
Produce memorabilia for the exhibition – eg a t-shirt, DVD, etc

Expeditions are 8 or 13 weeks in length, and run throughout the year. Volunteers are required to fundraise for Raleigh International in order to join an expedition.

For further information:

Attend an open event and meet past volunteers. Sign up here:
Email Clare on
Call 02071831295 for a chat about the opportunities available.

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