The path of the insights and beauty is at the Five Lands and Portofino, Italy

Mindfulness is a practice of  meditation which, when combined with the activity of walking in natural and spectacular scenarios, naturally regenerates your mind, body and spirit. The intineraries are intended for those who wish to combine a personal growth practice with the well-being of the person  All those who are in a phase of transition and life change, needing an alternative approach to explore new life and work solutions, have a special benefit form Mindfulness hicking

One of the main objectives is in fact the discovery of the personal insights , that are a form of intuition that emerges when conditions of focusing and open-mindedness (typical of mindfulness) merge with body relax and well-being of walking in wild nature. The practice of Mindfulness combined with hicking facilitate a lucid perception of reality, slow down the life rhythm, lowers stress levels, and help the emergence of new ideas.

Everyone who find himself in a time of transition and need clarity and focusing  is therefore invited and guided to open the mind and widen the inner spaces, enjoyng the wonderful scenario of the ligurian sea.

This activity is therefore oriented also to explore the spaces beyond the usual horizon of everyday life.

The program is compesed by some guided activities including an initial preparation of mindfulness, slow walking along the path, meditative contemplation of the sea and finally a emotional sharing tima at the end of the trip.

The benefits are:

  • Liberate you from daily stress 

  • It allows you to better understand the moment you live

  • It empties your mind and cheers your thoughts

  • It puts you in deep connection with the surrounding nature 

  • It helps you " feel" your body in depth

  • It teaches you effective wellness techniques

  • It allows you to improve incorrect daily habits

  • It helps you to connect to the present moment  

The excursions have a medium-short duration, with a slow pace and are at the reach of anyone who can take a normal walk. Moments of silence and concentration are required

I am Pier "Acharia" (Pier Luigi Rizzini) and I will be with you in these excursions that are composed by an initial explanation and practise before leaving, the walk phase with mindfulness exercises, the pause with a picnic lunch and a final meditation to optimize the effects of the day.

The time of real walking is far less then the total time of the excursion  . Unless indicated, the itineraries are intended as a round trip and are stand alone

ITINERARIES Sestri Levante-Torre di Punta Manara 
Chiavari - Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace 
Rapallo - Sanctuary of Montallegro- Chiavari 
Levanto- Monterosso al Mare 
S. Margherita Ligure - Abbey of San Fruttoso 

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