Platform Spartak, coordinamento delle Ong olandesi organizza un corso di formazione su competenze e metodi per utilizzare con successo i nuovi media per la gestione  di progetti giovanili. Il corso è gratuito, si tiene in Olanda e  prevede un rimborso spese per i partecipanti.
"Use of new media has evolved from a pleasant novelty to an absolute necessity over the past 20 years. For organizers of youth events, this development has had an enormous impact. Most youth workers know they should use new media in some way to implement their projects, but many questions remain. What is the right tool for the job? When should I use it?

And most importantly: what skills do I need and where do I acquire them? In this Training Course (TC), Dutch NGO Platform Spartak tries to provide participants with the necessary skills and mindset to succesfully implement new media during the preparation and organisation of youth projects.

During this TC, participants will not only acquire these skills, but also have a chance to use them in an actual PR campaign: for Platform Spartak’s celebration of the Day of Europe on the 9th of May, 2010. Furthermore, they will be able to use those skills to set up future projects. The skills mentioned range from the use of a video camera to ‘guerilla tactics’ during marketing campaigns. 25 participants from 14 different European countries will colaborate to create a stunning PR campaign and think out many new projects. Interconnecting! will truly give them a chance to link with the present in multimedia use - and the future as well."